Vehicle prowl in MTHS student lot, car stereo and cash stolen

On Friday, Dec. 4, two “vehicle prowls” were reported at MTHS. According to police, both cars were unlocked and in the MTHS student lot. A stereo from one car and cash from another were both reported missing.

According to MTHS Principal Greg Schwab, the video surveillance cameras show a grey Sedan parking next to cars and appearing to look inside. Both of the cars that had something stolen from them had the accused car parked next to them.

One MTHS student spoke to Schwab just before the assembly that day and another reported something stolen during the assembly.

While these incidents can be hard to prevent, Schwab advises students to keep their cars locked when they leave them and not to store valuables in plain sight in their car.

“We’re right next to a major road, the [MTHS student parking] lot is very vulnerable to crimes like these,” Schwab said, referring to two cars being stolen from the same lot in the past two years.