Representatives elected for freshman class ASB

The MTHS freshman class held their election for the year’s Associated Student Body (ASB) officers on September 23rd in the main gym.

Those elected to the core four positions were president Carl Hess, vice president Erica Lampers, treasurer Rackeb Abebe and secretary Sophie Burbank. Tyler Nguyen, Ishika Nayyar, Issac Dark, Reed Lyon and Allison Cheney were all elected as representatives.

Each candidate had to give a speech to the freshman class before casting votes. Starting the skein of speeches was Nguyen, running for representative.

“I believe it is a representative’s duty to help and get everyone’s opinions heard,” he said.

Nayyar, the second representative candidate, noted her honesty and commitment as reasons students should vote for her.

Abebe, running unopposed for treasurer, told students, “Count on me to count for you.”

Burbank, also unchallenged for the secretary position, explained her tasks in ASB if elected. She stated her ability to remain organized as the main reason students should vote for her.

Lampers and Dark had to compete for the vice presidential position.

In her winning speech, Lampers asked the freshman class, “What does it take to be in ASB? It takes leadership, teamwork, dedication, and spirit.”

Lyon, Cheney and Hess all ran for freshman class president.

“I will be dedicated and lead our ASB team to be the best they can be,” Lyon said.

In her speech, Cheney mostly spoke about wanting to make people happy.

Hess was the last candidate to give a speech.

“Other classes will look up on us, saying, ‘let’s do it like them,” he said, referring to future freshmen and the current freshman class’ leadership.

By the end of the school day, all the votes had been counted.

After their wins, Abebe and Burbank thanked the students for voting for them and Hess reiterated a key point in his speech he wanted students to remember.
“We’re the most… spirited, enthusiastic, and the class that left the biggest mark on Mountlake Terrace High School,” he said.