No progress in missing student investigation

Senior Jose Sanchez Diaz has not been active on traceable technology since he went missing in late August

Senior Jose Sanchez Diaz disappeared from his home at approximately 4 a.m. August 29, according to Snohomish County Director of Communications Shari Ireton. Both Diaz and his car are missing.

He was last seen playing video games with his friends, Ireton said. It was speculated that he didn’t return home that night.

A family member filed the report and the Snohomish County detective’s office is treating it as a missing person’s report.

Since he went missing, nobody has been able to contact him or find any evidence of where he might have gone.

“He essentially dropped off the face of the technology Earth, because he has not been active on social media and there’s no bank account activity [shown]. That’s not natural for a 20-year-old in 2015,” Ireton said.

The fact that his car also is an important part to the investigation, Ireton said.

“If [police] can find his car, [they] can hopefully find evidence to help [them] find [Diaz],” she said.

Diaz was a full-time Running Start student at Everett Community College and was in the English Language Learners (ELL) program at MTHS.

ELL teacher Betsy Zeifman said he was a “happy go-lucky kind of guy” and that he had a supportive and happy family at home.

Zeifman has been speaking with Diaz’s family and attended the mass in honor of him on Sunday, September 6. She said his family was a little shaken up and distraught but she said they’re handling it well. Diaz’s family is currently attending a retreat to gather their thoughts, Zeifman said.

Principal Greg Schwab said MTHS has posted the missing person poster on their Facebook page and MLT News.

“We’re doing our part and the best we can to help him and his family,” he said.

Schwab also said both he and the rest of MTHS staff hope to see Diaz home soon.