Cassie Soriano


By admin

Cassie Soriano has many talents including drawing, taking photographs, and sewing costumes for the Anime conventions that she regularly attends. Soriano’s many talents were the inevitable product of her love of drawing. She has been drawing since the age of five, with shows like Digimon and Tenshi Muyo for inspiration.

Soriano has won many awards at newspaper conventions for her editorial cartooning including an excellence award that she won in this years state convention. Soriano’s love for Digimon and Tenshi Muyo drove her to her first anime convention in California with her cousins; at this Convention, she found the world of cosplay. It wasn’t until her freshman year that Soriano found Washington’s own Anime convention, Sakura-Con. Soriano decided to dress as a beloved character, she made that first costume with first time sewing skills.

Like sewing, she taught herself photography with out taking any classes. In her junior year, Soriano became Hawkeye’s photographics editor and continued through her senior year editing all of the photos which appear in the Hawkeye. Soriano has been part the F.C.C.L.A club since her sophomore year, during her senior year Soriano became the clubs Vice president.

Soriano also designed the F.C.C.L.A and honor society t-shirts. Soriano will be attending The Seattle Art Institute this fall and plans to become a costume designer, working for theatre troops at first and then eventually opening her own cosplay shop.