Hiking Club ends another year

By admin

Thirty-five years-ago, Ray Hanby, a former English teacher at MTHS, established the hiking club for all who wanted to participate and have marvelous time hiking.
The Hiking Club usually goes hiking once a month, at frequently familiar places such as Crystal Valley, Ebey’s Landing, Whidbey Island, and Fragrance Lake. Hikers usually leave at 8 a.m. and return around 5 p.m. on scheduled Saturdays. There are about 15 students that attend the affair but advisor Gil Comeau stated he would love to have more. He takes on this role because he enjoys the experience and feels that “hiking gives different skills and self-relliance and how to work with a group.”
The club recently had one hiking trip on May 23 at Lake 22 near Mt. Pilchuck, and their last hiking trip this year was on June 6.
Hikers also take longer summer trips, ranging four to five days. While on a trip one is able to do things that they might not have ever done, Comeau comments. He enjoys the feeling of accomplishment to seeing new, interesting and strange things; and of taking that final step to the top of the mountain that many people don’t get to experience.
Junior Gabe Much has been hiking his whole life and joined the club this year. “It’s fun to enjoy the outdoors with other people and just really relaxing,” he said. “It feels good to relish in God’s creation.”
Comeau likes to go hiking because it’s “fun, easy, not a sport”, and a different more interesting way to get to know people instead the same normal setting of everyday life. Never knowing what will happen on the hiking trip: seeing a new animal, finding a fossil, finding a dead body, never know what could happen in the woods. Over the past 31 years, about 1,500 students have gone on the MTHS hiking trips.
“Students that come back often remember the hiking club,” said Comeau “and the remarkable experience they had on the trips to the mountains.”
Joining the hiking club is easy; one needs to go hiking a filling out a permission slip bring a lunch, coat and $3. There is that little extra charge due to budget problems. Also with the budget problems they are not able to use the ASB bus next year and so hikers will need to find their own ride to wherever they will be hiking. The hiking club says it is always willing to help out any of their new member that wants to join in the fun of hiking.