Central Asian Institute results

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Honor Society’s 2008-2009 cookie dough fundraiser ended as a profitable success.
The group started this year off with a goal of selling a total of $3,000 worth of cookie dough, yet they finished the fundraiser off with $4,500. With a profit rate of 50 percent they made $2,250.
Honor Society member Samantha Morin started the drive off with a goal of selling two tubs of cookie dough to support the fundraiser. She finished the fundraiser off with three sold tubs.
“It helped make a difference!” said Morin.
At $15 apiece, 300 tubs of cookie dough were sold by the end of the fundraiser. The overall profits of the drive were divided equally between the local food bank and the Asian Institute located in the Middle East, giving $1,125 to each organization.
“It’s a great way to get people involved in their communities.” said Morin.
The Honor Society feels accomplished with their sales, and for what they contributed to the community. There is talk of Honor Society sponsoring future fundraisers next year, yet will allow the whole school to participate.