Mural update


By Ryanne Vogel

Andrew Morrison, popular local Native American artist and Mountlake Terrace High School graduate, was notified of the cancellation of the multicultural mural he was painting in the Hub in fourth week of March.
The prepping and painting of the multicultural mural was planned to begin during Spring Break. The reason the activities/athletic coordinator at MTHS, Kim Stewart, gave him was plain and simple lack of funding. Morrison was very disappointed that the reason the mural was cancelled was due to lack of funding and late notification.
“This makes me look like a fool,” Morrison said. He stated that he had told hundreds of people about this mural, so now people, some of whom are his customers, will be looking for it and will wonder what happened.
“[I] thought it was a great way to build moral and camaraderie for the students and the staff,” stated Morrison.
Former MTHS graduate said that he is unsure whether he would attempt to do another mural for the high school. Morrison also has no opinion on where the fault lies for the cancellation, because he was given so little information on why there was no funding for the mural.