Police: two separate occasions of child luring reported in MLT

Two separate occasions of attempted child luring have police and school administrators on alert.

According to police, on Oct. 23, a group of high school girls walking home were stopped on 236th St. and 48th Ave. by a someone described as an older white male with an Russian or European accent driving a 4-door black Audi. The man was telling the girls about his car being for sale and other things they could not understand due to his accent.

As he was offering them a ride home, one of the girls’ mothers arrived to pick them up and the man left. The girls and the mother then also left and later called the police to report the incident.

Later, on Oct. 29th  a woman who was described as having shoulder length brown hair, wearing orange clothing and also having a Russian or European accent driving a silver minivan talked to an 11-year-old boy near Cedar Way Elementary when he was walking home.

The woman reportedly asked the boy if he wanted a ride home and the boy declined. The reportedly woman then asked him about his age and where he went to school and continued to insist on giving him a ride home. The boy then told the woman to go away and went home where he told his mother about it. His mother then called the police.

The four high school principals were notified by the Mountlake Terrace Police Department [MLTPD] on Oct. 31.

There was then a notice posted on the MTHS website and parents were emailed about the incident.

“I think sharing what’s happening with the parents and students is the best thing right now,” Schwab said. “So making everyone aware of what’s going on is the most of what we can do.”

None of the victims were students at MTHS, but Principal Greg Schwab reminds everyone to keep their eyes out for suspicious cars and people that may seem to be following anyone and to practice personal safety.

“I always remind [students and teachers] to be aware when I’m talking with them, it’s just important when you’re out in the community,” Schwab said.

According to Detective Mike Haynes from the MLTPD the police currently have no suspects and have yet to identify anyone responsible.

“[This situation] is a little unusual. We usually don’t have [child lurings] so close together and with major similar features, such as accents,” Haynes said. “But [child lurings] in general is not unusual and people should always be on the lookout.