Kudos to those who work for the common good

By Hawkeye Staff

The article Navarre Kerr wrote in the April edition about the perceptions of community service was on spot. I have found through personal experience volunteering for community service is exceptionally rewarding. It can build self-esteem and increase overall well being knowing you made a difference. It has been a pleasure to help the ‘Neighbors in need’ project helping homeless people get back on their feet. It has been a most rewarding experience picking up litter on forest service property with ‘Friends of the trail’.

I have been thanked many times over from the homeless, some of which are embarrassed at their situation. Have you ever known a student that has seemed to fail all the time? If the answer is yes, and you have the capacity to help them, DO IT!  You will probably learn something about yourself and both of you will gain confidence.

Hikers and other people enjoying our great outdoors have many times thought I was picking up litter because of a brush with the law. When I tell them this is all volunteer work and it is enjoyable to work in the outdoors they thank me, every time.

If some one litters on school grounds that is a sign of disrespect towards your school. You don’t have to get in their face about it just politely ask them to pick it up. If you get an attitude and no results then set a good example and pick it up yourself while letting them know you are disappointed.

You want better books and tools to learn with? then help lower district custodial spending by putting litter in the proper receptacle. The world has not become a “hollow shell of greed and ungratefulness” as Navarre suggests it may have. It takes good character to pick up a litter bag and help out. When you get asked if you are in trouble, say no and that you are just proud of your school. Set good examples for others.

John Clement

Scoutmaster, Troop 60

Mountlake Terrace, Wash.