New shop spices up the Alderwood Mall


Karen Benson

The Savory Spice Shop celebrated it’s grand opening Oct. 17 through Oct. 19 at the Alderwood mall, located across from the American Girl Doll Store.

The Mayor attended to cut the ribbon and celebrate.

Four times the amount of people attended the shop as usual, making the opening a success for owners Alisa Inouye and Erica Meyers.

“We’re actually a really special shop,” Inouye said.

Savory Spice Shops originated in Denver, Colo. expanding to over 30 locations nationwide. According to Inouye, this is the first shop located in a mall and attracts different types of customers.

Shops found along streets attract more cooks, looking for a specific spice, whereas malls attract curious shoppers and gift-givers. Inouye mentioned that it is more inviting.

“We have a lot more products than most stores have because we have different kinds of shoppers,” Inouye said.

Savory Spice Shop sells a variety of things from cookbooks to baking chocolates, jams, and of course, spices.

Inouye creates an old fashioned tone by using rustic decor, as she describes, taking you back to your roots.

Depending on the customer, Inouye has different recommendations for different taste pallets. She suggests the Bohemian Forest European Seasoning, one of the most popular in the shop, which is a rosemary blend.

“I kind of laugh because rosemary is an evergreen and we’re the evergreen state,” Inouye said.

Another personal favorite of Inouye is the Mount Baker Chai Spice, which she said can be used in everything from pound cake to coffee.