Art show draws huge crowd

Jasie Cubos

More than 1,000 people came to the Mountlake Terrace Library from Sept. 27 to Oct. 5, for the 36th annual Mountlake Terrace art show. Hosted by the Mountlake Terrace Arts Advisory Commission, event showcased over 470 entries and many different awards.

On the final day, awards were given out for paintings, pictures, prints, and drawings.

For photography first place was given to Judith Lary’s, “Together”.

In drawings, paintings and prints Ekaterina Minkina won 1st  place for her piece, “Master Class with Derain.” In this piece, she show cased a portrait of man named Derain.

With calligraphy, Nancy Anderson had won with her piece,“The Name of Jesus”.

There were several other winners as well as in those four main categories. There was 3D art, Artisan and miniature art.

In 3D art, 1st place winner was Louise McDowell’s “Harmony and Balance.”

In Artisan, Sam Scott won for his piece “Global Dimming III”.

With the miniatures work, Jane Mayer won 1st place for her small piece called “Best dress”.

The Hazel Miller Foundation recently donated $11,000 to make the art show possible.

59 year old Carrie Miller sold her first painting at the art show for $400. Miller explains her art work and why she drew it with much liveliness.

“This is the second art show I’ve gotten my painting show cased in, but my first time having it being sold,” Miller said.

The art show had many different types of art, and was judged by the photographer and artist Mark Hopkins. The Art Show officials were very pleased to have him as one of the judges this year. At the art show, even though some may have thought it to be in a relaxed setting, it was full of art work with creativity, photography with nature and the sculptures were mixes of modern and vintage pieces.