Homecoming spirit days decided at ASB meeting


Lilly Stelmack

The homecoming spirit days were decided at the ASB meeting on Oct. 3.

Associated Student Body (ASB) members decided on the homecoming spirit days at the ASB meeting held Oct. 3 before school in the theater.

The homecoming spirit week is Oct. 13th to 17th.

The week will start with “‘Murica Monday,” so students can show their patriotic side and wear red, white and blue.

Next will be Transformation Tuesday, meaning students should dress as themselves from the past or what they hope to be in the future.

Wednesday will be Cartoon Day, when participating students dress up like cartoon characters.

Students can dress up according to their class theme on Thursday. Freshmen are Alice in Wonderland, sophomores are Neverland, juniors are Wizard of Oz and seniors are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As usual, Friday will be class colors day.

According to Executive ASB treasurer Gene Anh, ASB members got input from the student body on what the spirit days should be.

“Power of the people. We went around and asked our friends what would work for each spirit day,” Anh said.

At the meeting ASB also decided whether or not to approve fundraisers presented to them by the volleyball team and music department.

ASB approved an adult reverse volleyball game as a fundraiser that the volleyball team is having on Oct. 11th.

The music department proposed a discount card fundraiser. ASB did not approve it because they weren’t clear on whether or not they had to buy all the cards before they sold them.

Activities Director/Athletics Coordinator Kim “Stew” Stewart and Activities Secretary Nadine Coombs verified that only cards that were sold would be paid for, and the rest would be returned. The fundraiser was approved later that day.

Every student is welcome to attend ASB meetings. Meetings are usually held every other Friday at 6:45 a.m. in the theater.