Bowman’s car found after being stolen from MTHS lot


Courtesy of Cody Bowman

Bowman’s car when he and his family picked it up from the Seattle area where it was found. They retrieved the car at around 9 p.m. with everything that it had contained when the car was stolen.

Junior Cody Bowman’s white Honda Accord was found in the Seattle area at approximately 2 p.m. on Oct. 2 after having been stolen from the MTHS student parking lot on Sept. 21.

According to Bowman, when found his vehicle was in good shape. There was minimal damage to the car except for a dent in the bumper and the antennae having been broken off. Bowman said he and his family were both surprised and very happy to have found it with almost nothing wrong.

“It was a big surprise. I don’t think we were really expecting it to be found, especially in that good of condition. It’s also really convenient now that we don’t have to go and get a new car, we can just drive this one,” Bowman said.

Before being stolen, the car held a family tent and a new battery. When located, both items were still there along with some tupperware, clothes, and a lighter.

It was a big surprise. I don’t think we were really expecting [the car] to be found, especially in that good of condition.”

— Cody Bowman

Back in June, a Meadowdale High School (MHS) basketball coach, Greg Wirtz, had his car stolen from the MTHS staff parking lot. Wirtz’s car was of the same make and year as Bowman. Wirtz said that when his car was found in Everett, it also contained someone else’s clothes, as well as tools.

According to Bowman, the car thief parked Bowman’s car next to a man’s house. After it had been left there for a week, the man approached the unlocked car and found some paperwork that identified Bowman’s family as the owners. The man then called the family, who called the police.

Police do not currently have any suspects.

The Mountlake Terrace Police Department (MLTPD) went to examine the contents of the vehicle and called Bowman’s father around 9 p.m. who drove to where the car was being kept and then took it home.

Bowman’s car is will be ready for him to drive once the police are done investigating and ensure all the contents of the car are accounted for.