Freshman class ASB: elected and engaged


Paxtyn Merten

Freshman class ASB showing their school spirit for the “On Wednesdays we wear pink,” spirit day. Top row: Eli Longacre, Samuel Bowman, Brianna Hutman, Nina Berry and Ryan Berry. Bottom row: Abraham Portugal, Chase Alberts, Trinh Nguyen and Rosie Lee.

The newly elected freshman class ASB were voted upon after giving their speeches September 9th.

The votes were then tallied and announced later that day. Results were: Eli Longacre as president, Rosie Lee as vice president, Nina Berry as secretary and Ryan Berry as treasurer. Chase Alberts, Samuel Bowman, Brianna Hutman, Trinh Nguyen and Abraham Portugal were elected as representatives.

Freshman class ASB is in charge of fundraising for their class, planning their senior prom and choosing the class themes for Homecoming.

They also represent the freshman class’ opinions through their decisions and the way they vote at ASB meetings.

“[I’m really excited to] become good friends with the other ASB members and help the school so it’s a good experience for everyone,” Bowman said.

All of the new members met the day after being elected for a leadership meeting with all MTHS ASB members. They also attended the ASB retreat two weeks later, which devoted two days to bonding and planning for the year.

“I’m always excited every time we get new blood in ASB,” Athletics Director/Activities Coordinator Kim “Stew” Stewart said.

As advice to the “new blood,” Stewart recommended they look up to the older ASB members for guidance.

“They should listen to the upperclassmen. Never be afraid to ask questions. They know what they’re doing,” he said.

Prior to the ASB retreat, things were already looking positive with the newly elected freshmen, according to Executive ASB President Taron Castleton.

“[The freshmen] already seem pretty dedicated. I’m excited to get to know them,” Castleton said. “I didn’t join until my sophomore year, so it’s good for them that they’re starting early. I think it will help them in the long run.”