New vending choices aren’t too bad


Starting this year, the vending machines will be filled with healthier snack options. There are set limits now on how much sodium and calories can be in one snack or drink. Many snacks students usually buy at school will not be available in the vending machines or at the student store.

While some students disagree with the change, the school board did a good job at choosing what to put in. They put thought into choosing and picked food and drinks that would appeal to students.

The new food also has a higher profit rate with studies showing that people are more likely to buy something that will benefit their body than something that will damage it.

The new snacks provided are now able to boost energy instead of withdrawing it. With more energy, students will be less sluggish and more motivated to work.

Sugary drinks and other junk food can lead to a quick crash and over eating at the next meal, while healthier food can make students sick less often. They also help prevent future health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

The healthier snacks will now not only increase energy levels maintain it throughout the day. Students can have a snack before first period and not feel tired and slow by lunch time. The new food is creating a domino effect; when someone buys food from a vending machine, they’re more likely to buy that in a grocery store in larger quantities, bringing healthy eating into homes.

Students will be able to adjust to the new food provided and even benefit from it.

The staff editorial represents the views of the Hawkeye Editorial Board