Getting involved at Terrace


This time of the year is so bittersweet. We have to say goodbye to summer, wake up early, and do homework. Although; we do get to start off fresh, make new friends, and we get to look forward to what this school year holds.

High school has so much more to offer than just the same old boring classes and gross school lunches. Believe it or not but high school can actually be really fun. It all depends on what you do with your time here at MTHS.

There are so many different ways you can get involved and make this school year the best one yet.

We have all kinds of sports teams that you can join throughout the year; ranging from cross country, to swimming, to golf.

Sports are a great way to make new friends and get in shape.

MTHS offers a huge variety of clubs such as; robotics, key club, and ASB. Clubs are a really fun way to get involved as well as help out the community.

If you love music, we offer superior performing arts including; band, orchestra, choir, and drama. We have activities for everyone, no matter who you are or what you like to do.

Being a part of this community is truly a privilege. We have such an accepting and cohesive environment. I strongly advise you to take advantage of that.

At Mountlake Terrace you are given the opportunity to accomplish great things but it’s all up to you to take action.

Being a part of this community is truly a privilege. We have such an accepting and cohesive enviroment. I strongly advise you to take advantage of that.”

Speaking from personal experience, getting involved with school has been one of the best decisions of my life.

It has immensely built my character to help shape me to be who I am today, as well as helped me make countless friends and memories.

These are all things that I’m going to take with me for the rest of my life. They aren’t things that weren’t just handed to me but they are things that I’ve earned and that I am very proud of.

When you get involved not only are you benefiting yourself, you’re helping out other people around you, making MTHS a better place.

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