How to be a Terrace senior


Graduates watch as principal Greg Schwab delivers his remarks.

As the clock counts down, all seniors look forward to that special day: graduation.

When it comes to making the final push, graduation becomes a priority for not only seniors but all lower classmen. Still, seniors must overcome the concerns of A) post-high school plans and B) senioritis.

With aid from past students and current staff, seniors can avoid these two familiar problems.

The primary concern for a senior is post high school planning and college applications. Seniors must go through an intensive process where they must find schools of their choosing, fulfill college requirements, and meet their financial needs.

When it comes to choosing colleges, it’s important to consider the location, educational programs, athletics, campus size and whether it’s a public or private school. Check out or

These resources allow students to create schools matched with their wants and needs that include but are not limited to college cost, size, religous affiliations, educational programs and clubs.

Furthermore, seniors should also be aware of college requirements.

Colleges require you to take the SAT and/or the ACT, so be sure to take the test of your choosing early and send your scores in.

It is also required that you send your high school transcript and GPA. Talking to Career Center specialist Barb Brister or your counselor may prove helpful as they will give you helpful advice on your process.

Considering the final stage of applying to colleges, paying for college is a burdensome task, especially since tuition rates continue to grow each year.

First, students must register for financial aid and be mindful of the deadline as well as payment options.

Keeping that in mind, seniors must constantly be wary to ward off senioritis, a decline in motivation or performance.

Because of this, there are always seniors who choose to give up and lose focus.

Alumnae Katie-Beth Higgins said, “Seniors mess up their senior year because they just completely check out.”

“The only regret I had is that during my senior year I started to get a little lazy with school [at] the beginning of the year. But, I came to realize that I wanted to end my high school life on a high note,” alumnus John Moore said,

“Plan for success by finding a happy balance between social and school life. You still want to hang out with friends and do some fun activities, but just be mindful that school work should come first,” Moore said.

As senior year comes to a close, make sure to pinpoint your own problems whether it involves applying for colleges or senioritis.

“I would encourage all seniors to live in the moment and keep a journal of their thoughts, emotions and aspirations along the way,” history teacher George Dremousis said. “Don’t be afraid to laugh, cry and work hard along the way. Life is unpredictable and you should celebrate and enjoy being young one last time before going your different ways. Always remember, the impossible only exists for those who dare to dream.”