Letter from the Editor: How to be a savvy consumer of news

Letter from the Editor: How to be a savvy consumer of news

Another year of high school brings challenges to every group, grade and age. Freshmen are trying to find their footing in this seemingly enormous labyrinth.

Seniors are already pulling their hair out over horrible things such as the SAT, ACT and dozens of college applications. Everyone, everywhere has challenges. So, we decided to offer some advice we got from students, teachers and parents who have done it before. We aren’t experts. But, the people we talked to are.

What I do know a whole lot about is how you can stay informed at Terrace.

We’ve been working all summer long on improving the ways we serve you. So here’s what you need to be watching to find out the latest of all things MTHS.

Our new and improved website. We just finished a complete redesign of our website – thehawkeye.org. You have to check out our new Hawks Sports Center, where you can find schedules, rosters, sports scores and more. Also, you can find the latest news updates.

Live sports with SLSN. We’re back for another year working with My Neighborhood News Network and HBN to bring you live broadcasts of many Hawks games. You can go to thehawkeye.org to go to the SLSN portal.

Our Twitter presence. If you’re not following our twitter accounts, (@MTHSHawkeye, @MTHSports and @MTHSWeather) you’re missing out. You can subscribe to our tweets to get alerts whenever there are updates, breaking news and new stories posted. Also, be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (@MTHSHawkeye).

Our print newsmagazine. We’re in the second year of our new format, and have great plans in the works. Make sure you get a copy each time the new edition comes out.

Here’s what we need from you. You may have noticed we call ourselves an “open public forum.” This is because we’re committed so serving as an avenue for free expression. Do you have something to say about an issue, event, topic or something you read in the Hawkeye? Write us a letter and send it to [email protected].

Let us know how we’re doing. We’re going to be asking for your opinion on a regular basis.

I’m thrilled to start another great year.