Carpal Tunnel Texting

By Jessica Lim

Most people have heard that texting causes carpal tunnel in your wrists, but is it true? Carpal tunnel syndrome, a gradual progressive agonizing event that occurs in the nerves of the wrists, starts with a burning, tingling, or numbness in the palms of the hands especially, thumb and index finger. Then their ability to grab a hold of something goes down and that strength seems to go away and eventually muscles at the base of the thumb does deteriorate.
Due to the increase in texting and e-mail, the number of people that have attracted carpel tunnel has increased dramatically. 3.8 million people suffer for text messaging related problems each year. Soreness of the thumbs and wrist has gone up 38 percent in just five years.
There are many factors that contribute to the carpel tunnel syndrome, if detected early then it is possible to just rest the infected wrist for a couple of weeks. But if it is not detected early enough then there are a few ways to help treat this.
One is taking aspirin or ibuprofen for the pain and vitamin B6 also helps to ease the pain. Another is exercising these muscles with a supervised physical therapist trained for dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Surprisingly, acupuncture is also known as a treatment. Still, many in the United States opt to have surgery. The operation rarely requires and overnight stay unless there is another medical problem found.
This said, perhaps the easiest way to relieve symptoms is by switching hands, or stop texting if it hurts.