ASB budget features more cuts due to new nutritional guidelines

By Nick Fiorillo

ASB’s budget for the 2014-2015 school year, which features more cuts to sports teams and clubs, was approved earlier Tuesday morning.

Members of ASB and representatives of student organizations met at 6:30 a.m. in the theater to discuss the budget and financial outlook for the coming year. The cuts are in response to new USDA nutritional guidelines, which put in place more limits on food and drinks that can be served and sold at school.

One of the biggest hits is the expected loss of revenue from on-campus vending machines. ASB adviser Kim Stewart said in the budget meeting that ASB currently brings in nearly $20,000 per year from the vending machines. He said he is expecting only $5,000 in vending machine revenue next year, a 75 percent decrease.

Any fundraisers at school will must also meet nutritional guidelines. In the past, clubs, teams and organizations have sold items such as donuts and candy bars at school to raise funds. Stewart said these will no longer be allowed due to the guidelines.

Here is a breakdown of the approved ASB budet for 2014-2015:


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Below are the expected revenue sources for the 2014-2015 ASB budget.

2014-2015 ASB Budget: Expected Revenue

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