Car prowl awareness


Megan Gisler places a vehicle prowl awareness flyer on the windshield of a students car. Volunteers checked off items on the flyer that were visible and inviting to thieves.

By Navarre Kerr

On April 29, during third period, all of the cars in the student parking lot were targeted for prowling. Not by thieves, but by student volunteers accompanied by school Officer Heidi Froisland. Vehicle prowling is the theft of property from a vehicle but not the vehicle itself.

During September of this school year there were three prowls and one car theft from the campus parking lot. In October three additional prowls occurred. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of car prowling and how to prevent oneself from becoming the next victim.

Students peered into the windows of each vehicle to see if items of value were in plain sight such as phones, stereos, sporting goods, and other electronic equipment. If any valuable items were seen they were checked on a flyer and left on the windshield to inform vehicle owners what a thief would have taken. If nothing was in sight a box of congratulations was checked for making their car uninviting to thieves.

On the back of the flyer were tips to follow in order to deter prowls. Advice includes always lock the vehicle, don’t leave valuables in the vehicle, record serial numbers of electronics, park in well lit locations, report suspicious activity, install alarm systems, and remove stereo faceplates.

Officer Froisland commented that “the most common item stolen is stereo faceplates and radios.” She stated “the knowledge of how to keep your valuables safe will help prevent theft not just on campus but anyone in the real world.”