Eggs everywhere in MLT


By Paxtyn Merten

The third annual MLT “Adult” Flashlight Eggstravaganza and fifth annual MLT Easter Egg Hunt for kids took place at the Evergreen playfield on April 18 and 19, respectively. These events were both put on by the MLT City Councilmember and owner of Red Onion Burgers, Seaun Richards.

The Adult Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt got off to a false start when the paramedic vehicle sounded an alarm which, to the participants, meant the beginning of the scramble for eggs. Though there was some disappointment, most of those who attended still had a good time, according to posts on the Facebook event page.

Adults ran around the grassy area in between the parking lot and the Evergreen playfield to collect eggs. Many had backpacks and bags strapped to their chests, wearing headlamps to keep their hands free in order to collect eggs faster. Some adults even dressed in costumes.

The event featured a live DJ, face painting and appearances by the Easter Bunny and the Red Onion Burgers mascot. The egg hunt included 4,000 eggs as well as 200 prize eggs for the estimated 150 participants.

Of the 200 prize eggs, 100 contained lottery tickets donated by local real estate broker and MTHS parent Kerri Krause.

“I chose to donate the lottery tickets to support the community events and keep [the Easter egg hunt] fun and exciting, as well as a form of personal advertising,” Krause said.

Krause put her real estate business card on each of the lottery tickets. For every person who calls from the Easter egg hunt to use her as their broker, she will donate $500 to the Cheeseburger Babies Foundation at each closing.

The “Adult” Flashlight Eggstravaganza was started as a fundraiser to offset the cost of the kids’ Easter Egg Hunt, according to Richards.

For the child-focused MLT Easter Egg Hunt, nearly10,000 plastic eggs, in addition to over 200 prize eggs, were filled to accommodate the predicted 1,500 child participants. The participants ranged from under one-year-old to 11-years-old, and were split into separate age groups during the race for eggs.

The Easter Bunny, Red Onion Burgers mascot and face painting table were also present at the kids’ egg hunt.

Many members of the community helped put both the adult and child Easter egg hunts together by donating candy and eggs as well as stuffing the eggs. Some sponsors of the event include: DD Meats, Creekside Church, MLT Senior Center, Red Onion Burgers, Cheeseburger Babies Foundation, Snohomish Fire District, Espresso break, Romiós Pizza and Pasta, Pagliacci Pizza and J’s Automotive Repair.

Richards began hosting this event after MLT Mayor Jerry Smith asked him to. Before Richards, the MLT Senior Center used to host the event, up until the head coordinator passed away.

“They dropped the ball for a couple of years and then the mayor said, ‘You know, you seem pretty active. How would you feel about getting involved with the Easter egg hunt?’” Richards said. Since then, Richards has planned the egg hunt for the last five years.