Review: Burger Lounge, San Diego, Calif.

By Olivia Driscoll

If you’re looking for a healthy and fresh meal, Burger Lounge in San Diego is the place to go. The employees and decorations provide a friendly, modern atmosphere to dine in.

There are several locations in the area that all offer burgers made with grass fed beef and organic toppings.

Along with grass fed beef patties, customers can also chose to have a turkey, fish or veggie burger. Options for the burgers include organic cheese, grilled onions, lettuce and thousand island sauce. The burgers are served on a wheat bun and can be paired with a side of organic fries or onion rings.

For someone with a smaller appetite there is a twist on the classic lounge burger called “The Little Lounge”, made with a smaller bun and patty.

If a burger isn’t what you are looking for, they have several salads. These, along with their veggie burger, provide options not only for meat lovers, but also vegetarians or those who prefer not to eat meat.

Even the soda fountain is filled with organic, local made refreshments.

The Burger Lounge is a bit more expensive than the typical fast-food restaurant; however the fresh, organic, and delicious meal is worth a little extra cost.