Additional day added to activity bus schedule, along with additional hour of wait time

By Stephi Smith, News Editor

The Edmonds School District (ESD) added Monday and Tuesday in place of Friday to the original activity bus schedule and has the bus departing from MTHS at 4:30 p.m., instead of at 4 p.m. MTHS has also extended "Study Hawks," a...  Read More »

November 18, 2015 • 0 comments

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November 18, 2015

On August 30, senior Sage Cameron returned from an LGBT ...  Read More »

81 vendors present at annual Holiday Bazaar

November 13, 2015

The PTSA held its annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday...  Read More »

A day to celebrate, commemorate and remember

November 10, 2015

In honor of the U.S. veterans, the Veterans Day ass...  Read More »

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Idolizing to acheiving

By Irvin Zhang and Ben Eyman

As a young boy, he sits in the stands and watches his dad, a man he admires, pace back and forth on the dark green tennis court, with sweat dripping down from his forehead as he fights to win every match. He eyes his ever...  Read More »

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A sense of euphoria

November 18, 2015


Injured Hawks’ offense stagnant, lose to Chargers in final game

October 31, 2015

The Hawks finish their timeout by huddling up and uniting the team.

Oak Harbor Wildcats overcome Terrace resistance at home

October 27, 2015

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“Wait Until Dark” proves to be intense and suspenseful

“Wait Until Dark” proves to be intense and suspenseful

By Max Tracy, Lifestyle Editor

While being quite dark and intriguing, both literally and figuratively, the first production of the year by the MTHS drama department was interesting to say the least. “Wait Until Dark” was performed in the MTHS theat...  Read More »

November 23, 2015 • 0 comments


Drama to perform “Wait Until Dark,” premiers tomorrow

November 18, 2015


LIVE STREAM: Jazz Night 1

October 15, 2015

Lady Capulet played by Hirano weeps over the body of Tybalt, played by Damon Dahl.

A dramatically unique path

June 12, 2015

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  • Idolizing to acheiving

    As a young boy, he sits in the stands and watches his dad, a man he admires, pace back and forth on the dark green tennis court, with sweat dripping d...

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    English has been, in some form, around since the fifth century B.C., according to Merriam Webster, and is crucial to every aspect of the United States...

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    The month of October has been a hectic one. I’ll start with a bunch of “thank you’s” to the people who dedicated and sacrificed their time in ...

  • Leave a legacy

    It’s almost the end of the first quarter and seniors are starting their “well that’s the last time I ever do that” statements. Your thirteen ...

  • Be nice.

    Recently, we have been dealing with a number of instances of students using social media platforms to engage in some really negative behavior directed...

  • The LGBT community should not have to ask for Respect

    On June 9, 2015 Caitlyn Jenner officially transitioned to being a woman from her previous identity, Bruce Jenner. This was a significant event for th...

  • Why the anti-vaccination movement is more dangerous than you think

    As flu season begins and as parents start to go out to get themselves and their children protected against the virulent diseases, it is worth talking ...

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    In the year 507 B.C.E., the Athenians of ancient Greece introduced political reforms called demokratia, or “rule by the people.” Fast forward to ...

  • Back to school, back to work

    As the school year begins, we are all adjusting to the “back-to-school” scene whether it be a new environment with new people, a new set of classe...

  • Welcome to a new school year

    Whoa dude, school is starting already? Whoa dude, be nice! Okay, OK, all right, sure. Yes, school is really starting already. It seems the older I get...

  • Simple ways to do well in class

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  • Feminism misspelled

    Meninism, by definition, is “a global organization of men that believe in and support the feminist principles of women’s political, social and eco...