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student reps

Student representatives sworn in at school board meeting

September 30, 2015

Student representatives of the Edmonds School District ...  Read More »

Cards 2

Gaming convention inspires trading card game club

September 30, 2015

The newly implemented trading card game (TCG) club, s...  Read More »

Representatives elected for freshman class ASB

September 29, 2015

The MTHS freshman class held their election for the yea...  Read More »

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A dramatically unique path

A dramatically unique path

By Max Tracy, Lifestyle Editor

For Danielle Hirano, drama isn’t just a play – or plays for that matter. It’s so many other things, from what you see on stage to what goes on behind the scenes. It’s work, it’s fun and it’s a struggle to ma...  Read More »

June 12, 2015 • 0 comments

Professional bari saxophone player Gary Smulyan performs alongside MTHS Jazz 1.

Grammy award winning bari saxophonist performs with MTHS jazz ensembles

June 4, 2015

Open mic poetry night held in MTHS band room

June 4, 2015

Taron Castleton as a Hitler Youth gives the Nazi Salute to the Nazi flag portrayed on screen.

A somber finalé to an incredible year of productions

June 1, 2015

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  • Trending toward teamwork

    Men's Cross-Country The men’s cross country team went through what some would call a rebuilding year last year. They had lost a group of talented, ...

  • Creation and admiration: Art at Terrace

    Art is something that can transcend ages. It is constantly prevalent around humans and just about every human society to exist. At MTHS, we have our v...

  • Hitting all the right notes

    As one of the major draws to MTHS, the music department has had an immeasurable impact on the school and the students who attend it. With programs att...

  • Breaking the language barrier

    While exploring Barcelona, Spain on a school field trip, senior Kimi Fenn realized she was lost and didn’t recognize any buildings or signs around h...

  • Blast to the past

    There’s the famous saying about looking forward and to not dwell on the past. But with an hour long class everyday dedicated to the past, it’s har...

  • Spelling out success

    English has been, in some form, around since the fifth century B.C., according to Merriam Webster, and is crucial to every aspect of the United States...

  • Matthews: “Make sense of the world around you”

    Looking at the world through “many different lenses,” opens up all types of opportunities and possibilities, according to physics teacher Jim Matt...

  • Formula for success

    Math students strengthen rational thinking skills that may be applied to everyday life Most have heard the popular math teacher claim that math is...

  • Taking an early turn toward a career in computer science

    While many students enjoy spending their time binge-watching Netflix, this student spends his taking classes. Through e-learning, junior Liam Madson i...

  • The definition of a student athlete

    Throughout her high school career, four-year two-sport varsity athlete and 4.0 student Nicki Bouché has demonstrated the hard work that goes into tru...



  • Back to school, back to work

    As the school year begins, we are all adjusting to the “back-to-school” scene whether it be a new environment with new people, a new set of classe...

  • Welcome to a new school year

    Whoa dude, school is starting already? Whoa dude, be nice! Okay, OK, all right, sure. Yes, school is really starting already. It seems the older I get...

  • Simple ways to do well in class

    What seemed like a long summer break way back in June has now vanished and it has been replaced by the start of yet another school year. As much as I ...

  • Feminism misspelled

    Meninism, by definition, is “a global organization of men that believe in and support the feminist principles of women’s political, social and eco...

  • The 2014-2015 school year in perspective

    First of all, I would like to thank the Hawkeye for giving me a spot in their award winning newspaper each edition. I like to think I am in the journa...

  • Another good year in the books

    With every beginning, there’s an end. As we are nearing the end of the class of 2015’s time at MTHS  it is also a time filled with excitement. G...

  • So long, farewell 2015

    It’s June. Graduation is next week. Seniors are headed off to college, military, work and other adventures. For those of us returning next year, we ...

  • One last word from the former Editor in Chief

    Gratitude. After four years, I am leaving exceedingly grateful for the opportunities I have had as a Hawkeye staff member and for the individuals who ...

  • The state of journalism: Freedoms hang in the balance

    Whether it be reporting  on the forefront of the civil war in Syria, covering on a local story in suburbia, or interviewing a politician, journalism ...

  • Satisfying taste at the cost of equality

    Would you like a side of morals with your chicken sandwich? A new fast food restaurant has opened in Lynnwood: Chick-fil-A. This chicken selling fra...